Pre and Post hysterectomy surgery

Physiotherapy can help to prepare a woman for surgery and assist in the rehabilitation following surgery.

Pre surgery
By booking prior to your gynaecology surgery you can learn how recovery can be optimised by your exercise, diet, posture and breathing techniques.

We can also spend time discussing some of the more practical considerations in relation to home life that need to be to taken into account prior to surgery to ensure you heal well in the post operative period.

Post surgery
Following surgery we can support you with guidance on exercise progression and return to activity and sport, pelvic floor recovery, promote good bowel habits and how to avoid constipation.

We offer nutritional advice to support healing and improve bowel health, assist with breathing and relaxation techniques and provide soft tissue and scar mobilisation.

We can also discuss the implications of hysterectomy on your pelvic, bone and heart health and offer advice on how to optimise this post hysterectomy.

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