Peri to Post menopause support

Following menopause it has been estimated that up to 40-60% of women will have vaginal or pelvic health symptoms which can dramatically affect their quality of life.

Menopause is also a time when women are at a higher risk of developing prolapse, urinary leakage and vaginal atrophy.

Entering into this phase of life is a good time to reflect on our lifestyle, nutrition, stress levels, exercise regimes and sleep patterns, which can all dramatically help with managing symptoms during the peri to post menopausal years.

Physiotherapists can assess posture, pelvic floor and vaginal health and also assist with lifestyle factors which can negatively impact menopause symptoms and provide you with an action plan individualised to you and your symptoms to optimise your wellbeing and help you to thrive during this transition.

We can also help you to understand HRT options and help debunk the myths surrounding HRT.

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