Ante and Postnatal

Becoming pregnant and having a baby can be the most special and magical time of your life. However your pregnancy, birth and the postnatal period will effect your pelvic floor and abdominal muscles and there tends to be little provision for postnatal rehabilitation.

Physiotherapy can be helpful in relieving pregnancy related back and pelvic girdle pain by educating on movement strategies, core and pelvic floor training, exercise and support devices for example taping techniques and sacroiliac support belts.

Physiotherapy can also be helpful with improving a Diastasis recti (tummy gap) see separate section and Mummy MOT page.

We also can offer advice for ladies wishing to return to sport after pregnancy and ensure their bodies have recovered enough to return to specific exercises.

Did you know…

  • Up to 75% of women suffer from urinary incontinence during pregnancy
  • 45% of Mother’s will still have urinary incontinence 7 years postnatally
  • Over 75% of women who report urinary incontinence 3 months after birth were still incontinent 12 years later