Bra Fitting / Posture Fitting

I am delighted to be able to offer this fabulous new service. 

Our breasts will change size and shape over the course of our lifespan especially during puberty, pregnancy and menopause. Breast size can also be influenced by weight changes and breast cancer surgery. Many women are not aware of the importance of having a bra correctly fitted and the majority of women are actually wearing the wrong size bra with bra fitting techniques differing between retailers.

We can often assume once measured that our size is the same regardless of the type of bra we buy or from where this is bought. The size is not what matters it’s all about the fit.

Posture Fitting is a pioneering physiotherapy approach to posture management with bra fitting at its core that uplifts the way women feel, move and look. This new and innovative posture management system assists women of all ages and life stages to gain and maintain optimal posture. Enhancing upper and mid back support, the Posture Fitting approach uses an optimally fitted bra to aid postural improvements achieving amazing results.

Posture Fitting is ideal for you if you are:

  • Experiencing physical or life stage changes
  • Looking to improve your mobility or sports performance
  • Wanting to enhance your appearance and boost self-confidence
  • Struggling with neck or back pain
  • Avoiding exercise due to breast pain or lack of support
  • Or you just need to find the right bra for you

Bras are fitted by a physiotherapist, each bra in the Posture Fitting range has been specifically selected for its postural benefits. Sports bras are available also. For more information visit

Sports bras and exercise

Did you know…

  • Your breasts move through 3 different planes of motion; up/down, side to side and in/out
  • During walking the breasts will displace approximately 33% in each direction
  • Whilst running this increases to 51% up/down, 22% side to side and 27% in/out
  • Some studies have recorded up to 21cm of vertical displacement during running. That’s nearly the length of your elbow to wrist!!
For many women breasts can be a barrier to exercising: “I can’t find the right sports bra”, “I am embarrassed by excessive breast movement”, “My breasts hurt when I exercise”.

Breasts can also affect the whole body biomechanics. For example some women may fix their upper trunk and shoulder girdle in a poor attempt to limit the bounce on their breasts but we know that poor trunk rotation and lack of reciprocation in running actually increases ground reaction forces which can impact pelvic health too!!

That’s why finding a good quality, well fitted sports bra, that provides 3 dimensional support during physical activity and exercise is so valuable.

So don’t delay book your Posture Fitting consultation and change the way you feel, move, look and perform.

You will leave your consultation knowing:

  • What you can do to influence your posture
  • Your optimal bra fit and how to fit yourself in a bra
  • How your posture can work positively for you
  • How the PostureFitting bras help you feel, move, look better
  • Personalised advice for longer-term benefits